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Get your team back to productivity

Increase your efficiency, effectiveness, and velocity.

If your team is feeling sluggish or can’t get work done, they aren’t alone.

Software engineers, data scientists, and business analysts need to have a working knowledge of an ever-increasing list of libraries, databases, data processing frameworks, monitoring and alerting systems, test and deployment tools, container orchestration platforms, hundreds of cloud services, and on and on.  With the overhead of learning and keeping current as well as context switching between all of this, it’s easy to understand why your team might not feel as productive as it should.

With our focus on operating infrastructure, continuous delivery, observability and reliability, we reduce the cognitive load associated with creating innovative solutions.

Not even sure you have a problem?

With an Engineering Efficiency Checkup, we can assess your team’s DevOps tools and process, and make some recommendations you can apply without a long-term commitment.

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Our TechPods reduce complexity and increase productivity by:

Tightening the Development Loop:

Whether hacking on frontend javascript or heads down on feature dev for your latest model, how effortlessly you can setup, build, test, and share work with the rest of your team is the primary indicator for how invigorated a team feels. Our embedded teams have worked with a variety of environments and frameworks and leverage that experience to make sure your team is working with alacrity and focus.

Sharpening your Tools:

Out-of-date, mismatched, or redundant tooling bloats rather than streamlines work. Our TechPods consolidate duplicative systems, prune what doesn’t work, and doubledown on what does with minimal impact to your roadmap.

Fortifying the Development Process:

Tools aren’t everything. EverOps experts have worked with teams of all sizes in a variety of industries and leverage that knowledge to make certain your team’s development processes promote collaboration, continuous integration, and rapid iteration.

Promoting Self-service:

The most productive teams usually are the teams with the most autonomy. Yet, standardization and security or regulatory compliance are non-negotiable for most organizations. EverOps allows teams to avoid stalls by implementing solutions that codify hard requirements and guardrails and putting those solutions in the hands of the people who use them.

Measuring and Refining:

Efficiency needs to be measured to be improved. From sprint velocity to DORA to SLIs and SLOs, we’ll make sure the right metrics and KPIs are tracked and factored into process, tool, and operational changes. Our TechPod will continue to monitor and refine our recommendations and our own work to match your team’s unique needs.

Providing Backup:

From cleaning up old terraform to standing up the latest open source database, if it’s DevOps related, our team will architect, automate, deploy, and operate the components you need to stay on track and undistracted.

Got the horsepower but not the confidence?

If you’re more worried about what to do than your ability to do it, an Engineering Efficiency  Booster might be a better fit than our full-fledged DevOps Service.  With this fixed-length, fixed-cost offering, our team can focus on assessing your development and operations processes and tooling, sequencing any recommendations for the highest impact in the shortest time frame.  In addition, we’ll give you a boost by working with your team to deliver some quick wins and ensure your engineers are more efficient and productive.

Let’s figure out what makes sense for your business.