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Supporting you from within your organization

When you truly want someone that’s a part of your team.

When you partner with us, we fully embed into your team.

We call it the TechPod.

The EverOps TechPod is the key to our success. Whether we’re partnering with you for a short-term project or a multi-year initiative, we will embed a team of skilled technologists with expertise in the tech you’re using now as well as the trends that will shape your future roadmap.

Why an EverOps TechPod?


Every pod has a skilled Pod Leader so the burden of managing extra help is contained within the pod with minimal impact to the client.


Pods are comprised of engineers with a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, allowing for easy adjustment to changing priorities and business needs while still being in context.


Pod Leaders are architect or principal engineer level resources, supported by industry veterans at EverOps with visibility into best practices and emerging trends across all EverOps customers. As such, pods are positioned to make informed decisions and avoid pitfalls possibly out-of-reach of even seasoned FTEs.


Pod Leaders aren’t just tech leads or engineering managers. EverOps selects individuals with a talent for clear communication and experience working cross-functionally to deliver complex projects under the most demanding conditions.

Fingers typing on desktop computer with tablet in front showing what EverOps TechPod can do

There’s a reason our clients have seen a lot of success.

Anatomy of a TechPod

When we send out a TechPod, here’s who you’ll meet:


A seasoned advisor to your leaders

  • Industry Trends:

    Advises on strategy and long term trends

  • Org Strategy:

    Aligns team structure and department or company initiatives

  • Engagement Success:

    Shepherds the pod to make sure day-to-day work rolls up to business objectives

Pod Leader

An accountable team leader working directly with your technology management

  • Task and Project Management:

    Ensures work is actionable, assigned, and successfully completed

  • Transparency and Insight:

    Provides visibility in velocity, dependencies, and blockers

  • Vision:

    Contributes to current and future roadmap to ensure work product is timely and relevant


Experienced contributors with broad expertise

  • Context Curious:

    Getting into context quickly and staying there can often mean the difference between success and failure – we look for engineers that can connect the dots even with imperfect documentation or lost institutional knowledge

  • Passion for Tech:

    Our engineers look to master their current capabilities and thirst for new ones to conquer

We really love talking about TechPods and what it might look like for you and your company. No issue is too complex.