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Prevent out of control spend from creeping up again

 Control costs with cloud cost optimization.

Cloud providers offer rapid and easy access to an ever-increasing menu of service offerings and infrastructure.

This enables product development teams unparalleled speed and flexibility as they build new features and services.  Whether due to shifting priorities, blazing velocity, or just a simple organizational change, this agility can quickly see cloud spend rise sharply.  In theory, the elasticity of the cloud should allow for organizations to rein in runaway costs just as quickly as they went up.  In reality, however, most organizations see their cloud costs only go up, with the only variable being how fast spend rises.

We help you control costs by working to understand your cloud footprint, right-sizing resource usage, and empowering development and operations teams to incorporate cloud cost optimization into your everyday work.

Ready to help no matter what.

With a Cloud Cost Checkup, we can assess your cloud environment, estimate cloud cost impact, and make some recommendations you can apply without a long-term commitment.

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With our DevOps Services, our team can help you:

Analyze and Refine:

Many organizations lack a deep understanding of exactly what is contributing to their cloud costs and cloud provider reporting only tells part of the story. As part of our DevOps service, the EverOps TechPod will assess your cloud utilization in the context of your apps and services. We will work with your team to optimize existing resources and services without endangering the availability of your apps and services or crippling the velocity of your engineering and data science teams.

Plan and Build:

With our embedded approach, the EverOps TechPod is poised to recommend more impactful opportunities for optimization that might require lower level changes to your architecture and code base. EverOps will work with your teams to incorporate these opportunities into your existing roadmap in a way that makes sense for your organization. Our team will assume the burden of building and operating your cloud infrastructure so your team can continue making great stuff in a focused manner.

Educate and Maintain:

EverOps will help your team avoid cost control firefighting by educating your teams on best practices and procedures they can incorporate into the development and operations lifecycle. From tagging strategies to team-level cost dashboards, our team will ensure your cloud costs remain transparent and unsurprising.

Got the horsepower but not the confidence?

If you’re more worried about what to do than your ability to do it, a Cost Optimization Booster might be a better fit than our full-fledged DevOps Service.  With this fixed-length, fixed-cost offering, our team can focus on assessing your cloud cost optimization opportunities, sequencing any recommendations for the highest impact in the shortest time frame, and developing a roadmap you can execute on.  In addition, we’ll give you a boost by working with your team to deliver some quick wins and ensure you’re developing, deploying, and monitoring with cloud cost control in mind.

Let’s figure out what makes sense for your business.